have you seen me on the net?

by Micah Jerome Ellison

Have you seen me on the net? I'm wearing my full name. It's squeezing me like a corset, uncomfortably shaping my posturing. Now my costume's an imposter with my own face. I start typing on a thread, then I hold backspace. I tailor my profile to get attention but feel overexposed when I'm explicitly mentioned.

Don't tag me. Please tag me. Don't tag me.

Have you seen me on the net? I've gotta pick a username. I'm freaking out like a party guest: unable to gauge how formal to dress. I go out browsing for a trope to wear while trying to pretend like I don't care. My teenage screen names just don't fit right but the new ones that I try on are too loose or uptight.

Don't find me. Please find me. Don't find me.